Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Flood in Findlay

The rain started Monday night and kept going on and off through Tuesday night and we had a total of 9 inches in 48 hours. The Blanchard river thought that was too much and rose to between 17 and 18 feet. Flood stage is 11 feet. We live about 800 feet from the Blanchard River and supposedly out of the FEMA stated flood zones. Our neighbor who has lived on the end of our street (farthest from the river) for 30 years said she had only once seen the water come halfway up the street. Today it came up to our driveway. We are 3 houses from the far end of the street.
This picutre is from the "dry" end of our street. On the right is Tim's red truck.

This is the view of our house from across the river, um I meant street.

This is on our street, a little closer to the river. The gaurdrail at the end is usually where the next cross street is and that street runs along the river. There is a good 5 foot drop from the gaurdrail to the river, usually. Don't know how many people stayed in the homes down there as it was too deep to drive or walk through to see who was still there. I know some of them brought their cars to the dry end of our road.

This is the neighborhood across the main road from us. The dry end of our street goes to the main road and that road is dry where we are, but is flooded further into town.

The green rectangle in the bottom left side of this picture is a picnic table that usually has grass, a grill and parking lot around it. It is right by the river.


  1. Wow Erin, so glad you and your home are ok - sorry to see others were not so lucky though. What a scary experience!

  2. Hi!
    Im a kid and 1 of your pics helped me to not get an F on my floods report!! Thanks!!!! :)