Monday, November 9, 2009

#1 in a Series of POPs Tutorials

Wow, where has the year gone?!!! Only one post from me this year, yikes.

Now I am starting a series of POPs tutorials. I have done a few before, like the Single Panel Card, and Paper Ribbon Bound Book. The ideas for these tutorials come from a collabortative effort from members of and can be found in the post titled POPs. A pdf and word file are available for download in the post.
What is a POP?
P.O.P. stands for Pound of Paper. It is a paper product offered by Club Scrap. They define a POP as a pound of paper cut into bits and pieces, most often they are packaged as a kit collection and can be added a la carte to any paper kit. In my experience they come in sizes 5x7", 4x6" and 3x5", with some exceptions. So, if you are thinking, "That sounds like a pack of scraps", you would be correct. One thing to keep in mind, Club Scrap papers are 80lb cardstock with occasional text weight and translucents mixed in.
Now, onto the project of the day: Multi-use paper stand.

This project can be used for business cards, post-it notes, picture stand, note holder, etc...

Multi-use paper holder is so easy, I feel guilty making it into a whole tutorial, but here goes:

Supplies List:

5x7 POP (yep, just one!)
Scor-it Board, or CS grid ruler and bone folder
CS grid ruler
Bone folder
CS Bookbinding, padding and laminating adhesive(CS glue)
Paper trimmer
Ink, stamps and scraps for embellishing

Step 1:
Place the POP horizontal with the right side facing up and score at 1".

Step 2:
Place the POP horizontal with the wrong side facing up and score at 3" from the oppisite end of the first score.

Step 4:
Fold and crease on the two score lines. You should end up with a paper in a Z shape.

Bare bones, this is how the holder stands up and holds business cards.

With and exta score and fold at 3/4" you can make a flat base for the papers to sit on

Using a 1/4" x 3" strip you can reinforce the holder so that if the papers are heavy, like business cards the holder won't go flat.
Embellish the front and back with layers of scraps, stamps, inked edges, ribbon and any other favorites!