Thursday, March 6, 2008

5x7" Paper Ribbon Bound Book Entries

Congrats Christy, You Win! Watch for your box of CS goodies!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #7

Tutorial: Paper Ribbon Bound Book

& A Challenge


LISA O.!!!

These books are completely made of paper! The finished size is 5x7 making it easy to add full size pics and still have room for journaling. This would be a great project if you were to give it as a gift to a group and needed to make many of them. Add photo corners or double sided adhesive tabs to make it a snap to put the pictures in. I went ahead and added photo mattes to all of the inside pages. The top example is mostly CS® Refresh Kit paper and embellishments. I used Adirondack Inks. The bottom example is mostly CS® Serengeti paper and embellishments, I added a Friendship twist tie and some Gomlets, and punches.

I challenge you to make one and send me a link to your creation. Again a random drawing for Club Scrap goodies from me. And you get to use up some of the stash you have been hoarding :) Deadline is March 10, midnight EST.


1 sheet of 12x12 cardstock

6-8 sheets of 5x7 POPs - You could cut these yourself if you don't have POPs. See cutting diagram below.

3/16th inch hole punch (Crop-A-Dile works great)

Tonic Paper Trimmer

Scor-it Board

CS® Grid Ruler

Bone Folder


CS® Bookbinding Glue

Embellishments & photo mattes.

Step 1. Score the front cover page and all inside pages 1/2" in from the left side. Don't score the back cover. This process is made very easy with the Scor-it board, but can also be done with the grid ruler and bone folder.

Here is the cutting diagram to get four 5x7 pieces out of a 12x12 cardstock sheet.

Step 2. Measuring, ugh! Ok, here we go, use the centering guide on the grid ruler to find the middle of the left side of the cover, go in 1/8' from the left keeping the ruler centered. Use a pencil to mark the center and 1/2' spaces out to the top and bottom of the edge. These are where your holes are going to be punched.

Step 3. Stack the front cover and 3 inside pages together and use binder clips to keep them together while you punch the holes on the marks that you just measured. I found I could punch 4 sheets of cardstock at a time with the Crop-a-dile II.

Step 4. After punching the first set of holes stack all of the covers and all of the pages together, clamp with the binder clips, and use the first set of holes as the guide.

Step 5. Crease all of the score lines in the direction that the pages will open.

Step 6. Cut two 1/8" wide strips from the 12x12 piece of cardstock.

Step 7. Run the strips through your fingers several times until you have conditioned them to stay in a loose coil.

Step 8. Embellish the front cover and place photo mattes on the pages as desired.

Step 9. Start the binding by bringing one end of the "paper ribbon" up through the back of the top hole and gluing down the end. Bring the other end up from the back and down through the next hole. Continue until you get to the last hole. You may wish to trim the paper ribbon. I simply adjusted the size of the coils and left the full length in the binding. Glue down the end to the back of the cover.

Step 10. Start the next paper ribbon at the top hole going from front to back and gluing it to the back. Take the other end to the back of the second hole and bring it up to the front. Continue until you reach the bottom and trim or adjust the ribbon. Glue end to the front cover. This should give you a criss cross design.

Step 11. Enjoy ! Fill with pics and keep , or give away!

Sunday, March 2, 2008