Thursday, February 28, 2008

Club Stamp™ Stamper's Project: wooden ampersand

This is my completed Club Stamp™ Stamper's Project: Wood ampersand. This was altered with Club Stamp™ Bridges papers, stamps, project cut outs, ribbon, brads, beads & fibers. Adriondak acrylic paint in espresso and distress ink in courdoroy were used for stamping and additional distressing around the edges. The embossing powder, also on the edges is a mixture of gold, silver and black from JoAnn's. Other embellishments include: From Club Scrap®, Friendship twist tie, Tie Dye clothes pins, Be Still ribbon slide, Study in Red stamps, From the Heart stamps, Bistro and Sparkle sequins, hour glass charm, To You With Love stamps. Other embellishments include Fastenators from PC, O-rings from Karen Foster, Gromlets from We R Memory Makers, Charms from the CSC charm swap, and stuff that's been in my stash so long I don't remember where it came from.
I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together. I spent about 2.5-3 hours, spread out over 2 days working on it. The colors will coordinate well in my living room. Please feel free to post questions or comments in the comment section.
You can get a more detailed look by clicking on the picture.
Thanks for Looking :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial & A Challenge

Tuesday's Tutorial #6

Tutorial: Use Your Tools!

& A Challenge

I challenge you to a duel, lol. Just kidding. Today I would like you to think about all of the tools you have that you have not used in a while, or maybe you have never used them. I think at one point we all had a paper crimper. I still have mine and took it out to play with it last week. So if you have one, take it out. I have heard alot of discussion on the ClubScrapChat board about regrets of buying the Fastenator. So if you you have one, get out the staples. When was the last time you used your markers on a page/cards for other than jounaling? Get the markers out. One in every color.

I'll start by showing you what I did with my misfit tools, then I want to see what you can do with yours. Have something that I didn't mention? Dig it out and show me what it can do, or what YOU can do with it!

Post a link to your work in the comments section and I'll post them on here or at photobucket if there are alot of entries.

THE PRIZE: a random drawing for a winner that will recieve a mini pizza box full of Club Scrap goodies. Enter as many times as you like.


  • Cardstock, I used Club Scrap papers (the papers from CS are cardstock weight) from many different kits
  • Paper crimper
  • Fastenator staples
  • Cork board
  • Small hammer
  • Markers- in every color that you have not used recently
  • Stamps
  • Circle Scissor and glass mat
  • Blade runner

This is a pic of some of my misfit tools. There is the Blade Runner I gave up trying to use because the learning curve was just too great for me. I think this one may be obsolete for what it was intended since the Cricut came out.

Then there is the Border Buddy that goes with the runner. I have some markers from Slick Writer that are broader than what I normally use but they all came together with the fine tips. I have a Circle Scissor DH bought for a project he was doing and I ended up with it when he was done. Last but not least, the paper crimper. I have actually had the most fun and success playing with this one :)

In the upper left corner of the pic is a great storage container made by Darice. I found it at Hobby Lobby for under $5. I mention this because it has been great for sitting on my desk to remind me of all the little embellies that I have and often forget to use. Kinda goes with the theme of unused tools.;)

1st. crimp the paper in one direction. You can put it in horizontal or diagonal. Mine only goes up to 4" wide so the piece of paper I used is a 3" square and it fit diagonal.

After the first run through turn the folds so they are vertical and run it through again. You will end up with a sort of "waffle" texture.

I added ink direct to the papers to show off the ridges. In the example of the white paper I ran the whole piece through horizontally first then only half way on the diagonal. The crumpled up pieces I ran through in every direction until I could see the layer of the paper seperating and then pulled them apart and crumpled them. These are the pieces I used to decoupage onto the stamper's project ampersand (pictured in a post below).

Also, another example of how I used the squares is at the top of this tutorial. I used it as an embellishment matte on a POPs trifold card.

Ahhhhh, the circle scissor I inherited from DH. He needed it to draw circles for a hockey rink he put on DS table. It's great when I need a circle, lol. I kept thinking there must be some way to use it to make a spiral, but I can't figure out how. Here are some circles I cut out today with the idea that they could be embellishments or frames. The circle in the top right side of the pic didn't cut all the way through so I folded the inside out and figure I will use it as a frame/journaling circle combo. What else can you do with a circle scissor?

The Blade Runner is one of those tools I think is going to be obsolete since I have the cricut. I never could get it to cut along the templates like it was supposed to. I think it just has way to big of a learning curve for me. I was able to free hand the cuts in this pic. It works way better on the glass mat then on any other cutting surface, same with the circle scissor. Have you done anything great with this tool? I would love more ideas of what to do with it. I will continue to play with it also.

The last tool I mentioned above is the Fastenator. I have found that the staples work great with the Fastenator on text weight papers but not on the quality thicker CS papers. My solution is to hammer them through the CS paper with a cork square underneath and then turn the paper over and flatten the legs. I also was able to hammer them into the wooden ampersand project pictured below. I used them to hold on a printed twist tie.

Ok, your turn, let's see what you can do. Post links to your work in the comments section by midnight(EST) Monday, March 3rd.

PSL participants, if you use any of these techniques on your entries I'll accept them here too. Just make sure you post em on ClubScrapChat first!

Ok, here is a good example of what to do with all of the pieces you just cut up! I used the wavy pieces cut with the blade runner to make the "sand". I distressed the edges with my mini tonic distresser and then inked them. I also added embossing powder. The "sun" is a circle cut out with the circle scissor and added ink to that also. The title is from PC Art Accentz, its a double sided adhesive cut out and I added glitter to it. The stamps are from CS and all of the paper too. Photo corners from K&Co. Inks from Ranger, Technique Tuesday and colorbox. TFL, Hope to see some of your work soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Too young to shovel snow?

DD Elizabeth, 22 months old, "helping" me shovel snow! She was so proud of herself for moving the snow around with that shovel.

Tuesday's Tutorial is coming soon! Been busy today, got a few inches of snow last night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #5

Ok, so it's not Tuesday anymore. Ugh! I still want to post this tutorial. This is continuing with the idea of using paper crafts around the home. This will work for office spaces too. In my quest to streamline my bill paying process, and make it prettier, I have come up with a bills organizer. I used a Tupperware container to hold it all. Each divider has a month of the year and there are paper clips with the days of the month. I will use the clips to remind me what dates upcoming bills are due. I figure as I pay the bill, mark the date paid and move it to the back . As they come around next year decide if I still need to keep them in a long term file or get rid of it. This could be used with index cards with birthdays/anniversaries written on them like a perpetual calendar. The container was too bright, but the perfect size for what I needed, so I colored it with alcohol inks from Ranger. So much fun!

Tutorial: Decorative Bills Organizer.


  • Container in a size that holds the papers you would like to sort/file.
  • Cardstock-about six 12x12 pieces, your choice of color, I used 6 different colors from the extinct FFC Hostess Rewards Line.
  • Scissors/paper trimmer.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Paper piercer and cork tile, corner rounder, bone folder (optional)
  • Embellishments with numbers, scrap cardstock
  • 31 large paper clips.
  • CS glue
  • Ruler
  • Alcohol inks (optional)

Getting started: measure what size the inside of your container is to see what size to make your dividers. Consider if you want the dividers to stand up out of the container, or if you will need them to fit inside so you can put a lid on.

Mine are 10x6. I chose muter colors hoping it will help keep me calm while paying the bills, HA!

Trim your papers to the size you need and keep the scraps to use later for file tabs and paper clip tabs.

If you will be making your own tabs, here is a Mini Tutorial idea of how to make some. 1. Choose your size, I used 2x2 squares. 2. Score in the middle and fold in half. 3. Use a corner rounder on the corners of the crease.

Write, stamp , or adhere months of the year to the tabs. Apply to dividers with brads or glue.

I cheated and used my Cricut Fabulous Finds cartridge to cut my tabs out :) I ahdered them with brads, poking the holes first with my paper piercer. I did my writing with a Slick Writer in Denim.

I used my CS grid ruler to determine the placement of the tabs. Measure the width of the tab you are using and use a pencil to mark where you want them to go on the divider. Mine were 1 3/4" wide, so I marked 1 3/4" on the first card and then 1 3/4" from the first mark but on the next card. You can make them over lap by making the measurements smaller than the size of the tabs. If you dont want to mess with the numbers, just use the tab to measure the spacing ;)
Write months on the tabs before adhering them with glue or brads.

I wanted to use numbered paper clips to mark due dates of upcoming bills. I used number stickers from CS Jr. Kits and sandwiched the paper clip between the sticker and a scrap of cardstock. Make sure you attach them to the end of the clip that only has one loop. You could also use printed number cut out and glue to the cardstock.

This is the container after I applied the inks. I used the felt applicator, inks in Latte, Lettuce, and Caramel. They did not show up well so I went over that with Denim, Rasin and Butterscotch. I blotted them with the blending solution. Last I applied Wild Plum in a cicle in the middle of the pad and stamped it on top. In person it looks like impressionist flowers. I am very pleased with the toned down color.

As always I welcome your comments and links to posts of your edition of the tutorials. I would love to post you works here if you would like to share them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #4

This wonderful kids' game is a variation of one I saw on Donna's Day, on PBS, yesterday. These are great for hand/eye coordination! You can adjust the difficulty level based on the childs age. Great to tuck into the back seat pockets, plus no annoying noise like you get with the Gameboy, lol. This could be a great stocking stuffer, Valentine's gift, or quick to put together for an unexpected birthday invite. The decoration can be completely customized to the child's likes :) Let me know what you all think. I would love to post your editions on here after you make them.

Tutorial: CD Case Kids' Game.


  • Empty CD case, the wider cases, not the super slim ones. Remove the inside panel.
  • 5 pieces of cardstock cut to fit the inside of your case (mine was 5 3/8 x 4 5/8). Any color but at least one contrasing color.
  • Ruler
  • Paper Trimmer
  • CS Glue
  • Anywhere hole punch or Crop-a-dile II (i have the pink one in the pic, but it didnt reach far enough)
  • Some small round beads or ball bearings
  • Embellishments/stamps
Cut your cardstock pieces to fit inside the CD case bottom. The side where the insert would have been.

Decorate one piece of the cardstock that will be showing out the other side if desired.

Glue the decorated piece of cardstock into the bottom of the CD case with the decor facing out.

Create a design/game board with stamps, on one of the pieces of cardstock. Choose images that have places you can punch a hole into them. I used the Sheriff's badge and some circles.

Next glue all of the remaining pieces of cardstock together with the game board on top.

Punch holes where you would like the beads to land for the game. I made two games on one board, "Pin the Sheriff" and "Bowling". I included 6 beads. The hole in the middle of the badge is 1/8" where all the others are 3/16". The beads I used fall into the larger holes easily and have to be balanced onto the smaller hole.

I added the "Good Luck" image, dropped in the beads and shut the case. There is a gap at the end of the case that the insert used to fill, my beads were large enough that they dont fall out but if yours do just fill it with glue or tape over it. Depending on who you are giving this to you may need to glue/tape the whole thing shut.

*another option would be to use a craft knife and cut a maze into the stack of cardstock.

Hope you all have fun with this, I'm going to go work on my hand/eye coordination now :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #3

Today I have for you a picture frame made of cardstock. Paper crafts are quickly moving into the home decor field. Hope you will find this useful and presentable in your everyday living spaces! This is also on the list of 101+ ways to use CS POPs. I am giving mine to DH from the kids for Valentines day. ( I'll have to get a pic of all 3 of them,) It will fit in an envie and be his card and gift! The coin envie on the back will have 3 tags in it, one from each of the kids to write a note to Dad.

Tutorial: POPs standing picture frame card.


  • 2 6x6 POPs

  • 2 2x6 POPs ( I can hear Kelli saying "don't you know there's a bookmark swap going on right now, why aren't you using those for bookmarks" LOL)

  • Club Scrap Glue

  • Scissors

  • Bone folder

  • Grid ruler

  • 6" grograin or other heavy ribbon

  • Embellishment of your choice

First thing to do is decide what shape you want frame to be. I used the heart from my Cricut Basic Shapes to cut this opening. You could also free hand it with a craft knife, or use a Sizzix type machine to punch out the opening.

Embellish the front of your frame now. Stamp, color, emboss, glue stuff on it, brads, eyelets, whatever you like. I used Magic mesh and a huge button from the Fizz kit, "SMILE" metal letters from the Wheel and Sprocket kit, and blue brads from the Academy kit. I did the stitching with my sewing machine. I stitched across the top first, then when I was ready to assemble the rest I stitched the sides and bottom to the backing so that I could still drop the picture in from the top.

The next thing you want to do is glue the two 2x6 POPs together with the ribbon sandwiched in at one end, stick about 1/2" of the ribbon in the sandwich. This will be the stand.

Now you need to make a score line 1/2" from the end that doesn't have the ribbon sticking out and fold that end up on the score line.

Use the other 6x6 POP for the backing. Glue the tab that you just made on the stand to the top of the backing. This is also when you want to add any embellishments to the backing. I added a No. 4 coin envie with some eyelets.

This view is of the card backing face down.

Stand your backing up and determine how far you want it to lean back. Attach the ribbon to the backing at the appropriate length.

If the frame is not standing at a high enough angle you will need a longer stand. My stand is a little bowed in this picture because I didn't wait for the glue to dry. Yours should stand up straight.

Time to attach the frame to the front. Remember to leave an opening to slide the picture in. You could also glue the picture to the frame, for perfect placement, before you attach the frame to the backing. If you would like to switch the picture you will need the opening :)

* if you are sewing the front to the backing you will sew in a little of the ribbon , but it will still stand just as well.

Please feel free to leave comments and links to pics of the frames you make from this tutorial.