Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #3

Today I have for you a picture frame made of cardstock. Paper crafts are quickly moving into the home decor field. Hope you will find this useful and presentable in your everyday living spaces! This is also on the list of 101+ ways to use CS POPs. I am giving mine to DH from the kids for Valentines day. ( I'll have to get a pic of all 3 of them,) It will fit in an envie and be his card and gift! The coin envie on the back will have 3 tags in it, one from each of the kids to write a note to Dad.

Tutorial: POPs standing picture frame card.


  • 2 6x6 POPs

  • 2 2x6 POPs ( I can hear Kelli saying "don't you know there's a bookmark swap going on right now, why aren't you using those for bookmarks" LOL)

  • Club Scrap Glue

  • Scissors

  • Bone folder

  • Grid ruler

  • 6" grograin or other heavy ribbon

  • Embellishment of your choice

First thing to do is decide what shape you want frame to be. I used the heart from my Cricut Basic Shapes to cut this opening. You could also free hand it with a craft knife, or use a Sizzix type machine to punch out the opening.

Embellish the front of your frame now. Stamp, color, emboss, glue stuff on it, brads, eyelets, whatever you like. I used Magic mesh and a huge button from the Fizz kit, "SMILE" metal letters from the Wheel and Sprocket kit, and blue brads from the Academy kit. I did the stitching with my sewing machine. I stitched across the top first, then when I was ready to assemble the rest I stitched the sides and bottom to the backing so that I could still drop the picture in from the top.

The next thing you want to do is glue the two 2x6 POPs together with the ribbon sandwiched in at one end, stick about 1/2" of the ribbon in the sandwich. This will be the stand.

Now you need to make a score line 1/2" from the end that doesn't have the ribbon sticking out and fold that end up on the score line.

Use the other 6x6 POP for the backing. Glue the tab that you just made on the stand to the top of the backing. This is also when you want to add any embellishments to the backing. I added a No. 4 coin envie with some eyelets.

This view is of the card backing face down.

Stand your backing up and determine how far you want it to lean back. Attach the ribbon to the backing at the appropriate length.

If the frame is not standing at a high enough angle you will need a longer stand. My stand is a little bowed in this picture because I didn't wait for the glue to dry. Yours should stand up straight.

Time to attach the frame to the front. Remember to leave an opening to slide the picture in. You could also glue the picture to the frame, for perfect placement, before you attach the frame to the backing. If you would like to switch the picture you will need the opening :)

* if you are sewing the front to the backing you will sew in a little of the ribbon , but it will still stand just as well.

Please feel free to leave comments and links to pics of the frames you make from this tutorial.

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  1. I wound up attacking my old decorative edged scissors for this layout!