Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #4

This wonderful kids' game is a variation of one I saw on Donna's Day, on PBS, yesterday. These are great for hand/eye coordination! You can adjust the difficulty level based on the childs age. Great to tuck into the back seat pockets, plus no annoying noise like you get with the Gameboy, lol. This could be a great stocking stuffer, Valentine's gift, or quick to put together for an unexpected birthday invite. The decoration can be completely customized to the child's likes :) Let me know what you all think. I would love to post your editions on here after you make them.

Tutorial: CD Case Kids' Game.


  • Empty CD case, the wider cases, not the super slim ones. Remove the inside panel.
  • 5 pieces of cardstock cut to fit the inside of your case (mine was 5 3/8 x 4 5/8). Any color but at least one contrasing color.
  • Ruler
  • Paper Trimmer
  • CS Glue
  • Anywhere hole punch or Crop-a-dile II (i have the pink one in the pic, but it didnt reach far enough)
  • Some small round beads or ball bearings
  • Embellishments/stamps
Cut your cardstock pieces to fit inside the CD case bottom. The side where the insert would have been.

Decorate one piece of the cardstock that will be showing out the other side if desired.

Glue the decorated piece of cardstock into the bottom of the CD case with the decor facing out.

Create a design/game board with stamps, on one of the pieces of cardstock. Choose images that have places you can punch a hole into them. I used the Sheriff's badge and some circles.

Next glue all of the remaining pieces of cardstock together with the game board on top.

Punch holes where you would like the beads to land for the game. I made two games on one board, "Pin the Sheriff" and "Bowling". I included 6 beads. The hole in the middle of the badge is 1/8" where all the others are 3/16". The beads I used fall into the larger holes easily and have to be balanced onto the smaller hole.

I added the "Good Luck" image, dropped in the beads and shut the case. There is a gap at the end of the case that the insert used to fill, my beads were large enough that they dont fall out but if yours do just fill it with glue or tape over it. Depending on who you are giving this to you may need to glue/tape the whole thing shut.

*another option would be to use a craft knife and cut a maze into the stack of cardstock.

Hope you all have fun with this, I'm going to go work on my hand/eye coordination now :)

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