Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tutorial #2

Hope you enjoyed the first one! Here's the second.
Let me preface this one with a little info. We have a string of conversations going, on the Club Scrap Chat website, about how to use all of these wonderful little papers, and it really got my gears going. This is an original design. Let me know what you think!

Tutorial: POPs Accordian File Folder
  • 10 POPs the same size. I used photo mattes sized at 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 because I wanted to be able to store photos in it.

  • Club Scrap Glue or any adhesive

  • Grid ruler

  • Scor-it Board (optional)

  • Bone folder

  • Ebellishments

  • Elastic-about 12", or any other closure of your choice
First score every 1/2 inch , on 2 pieces, alternating the side of the paper you score on so you are making peaks and valleys.

If you are using a paper that won't divide evenly into 1/2" spaces make the adjustment on the first score. Example: I used 4 1/4 x 6 1/4" paper so my first score was at 3/4.

Now you will need to fold on all of the score lines to make 2 accordians. I found it was easier to keep my folds even and straight if I used a grid ruler and bone folder to first make a 90 degree fold by running the bone folder up against the grid ruler on the back side of the paper. You can also use this method to make your creases if you dont have the Scor-It board.

Make sure to burnish each crease flat on both sides with the bone folder.

Gather the papers you will use for the front, & back covers, and inside dividers. You will need 6 altogether.
This is the time to embellish your dividers and covers. On the front you will be covering 1/2" on the sides and bottom when it is assembled.
Also, this is a good time to mark where you want your tabs to go if you want them evenly cascaded it is easier to measure and attach them now. Another option would be to cut down about 1/2" in each divider and trim off all but the tab.

The next step is to apply the back cover to both accordians on the first flap ( I used the one that was 3/4" wide ) with CS glue. Make sure you don't put the cover too close to the crease or it will interfere with the fold. I left about an 1/8" space between the cover and the crease.

Make sure when you are gluing that you have secured all of the edges of the cover. Also wipe off any excess glue on the front and back.

Continue applying dividers onto the top of the next fold, making sure to line up the divder with the back cover regardless of where it lays on the accordian. Because the accordian folds can be off as much as 1/8" you don't want to use them as your guide for placement of the divders.

For the front cover you will need to glue its edges on the front and back and sandwich it in the last fold. See next picture for detail.

You can see here that my accordian is bowed :( it is because I did not line them up properly. You can avoid this by following the previous step. :)

To make a bottom cover, choose which paper you want , make a vertical score at 1/2, and make the next score at the width you want the accordian to be open at the bottom. I left 1 1/2" space because that is where mine naturally spaced itself. Glue the 1/2" flap to the bottom of the front and wrap around the bottom and glue the next flap to the back. I trimmed my back flap to 3/4" so it was the same size as the accordian flaps.

The top cover works the same as the bottom except the small flap (I made this one 3/4", to again match the other flaps on the back) goes in the back and the long flap in the front. Glue only to the back. I used a corner rounder of the front of my top. And added an elastic closure. You could use a magnet closure or hook and loop, or a button, or anything you wish!

*If you are going to have your tabs standing higher than the dividers be sure to allow for that space when you measure for the back flap of the top cover*

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