Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Nate and Elizabeth

Nate and his friend Devoun playing video games at the movie theatre where we had his 13th birthday party. We had cookie cake, pizza, soda, popcorn and candy!!!! Whoa!
BTW, Kayla took all of these snapshots. I love her point of view. It's a fresh perspective compared to my "everyone look at the camera" shots.

Ok, so I just figured out how to do photo collage! But they are awesome looking and I get to show alot more of the great photo shots we have. You can click on the pics for a closer look. Elizabeth had a great time at her 1st birthday. Tons of people to pay attention to her, new toys, new clothes and sweets! She was saying "wow, wow" at all of the clothes as we pulled them out of the gift bags to show her :) HOw fun to have a baby again.

Just some more pics of the boys at Nate's birthday party!

And the infamous first cake pictures. At first Elizabeth threw her cupcake on the floor. I had to put a taste of the frosting on my finger and make her taste it. Then she proceeded to eat and make a mess .

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